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The Webster Sends T Packing

Laure Heriard Dubreul and Frederic Dechnik, founders of the Webster Miami, have a penchant for sun, and lots of it. It's reflected in what they buy for their store but also in their personal itineraries, which have them jet-setting from Egypt and Greece to St. Tropez and Mallorca. Come June the duo will head to Venice (for the Art Biennale) and to Mexico's Costa Careyes for the wild beaches, Los Alamandes resort and the banana forest. With their astute knowledge of all climates — and immaculate taste — The Moment put Dubreul and Dechnik to work to send T's editors packing. “I guess it's very French, but August is off," Dechnik says. “I will never compromise." We can dream.

Sandra Ballentine, Beauty/Style Director
“I will be heading to Berlin, Vienna and London this summer. I like to be edgy/sexy at night and comfortable/sexy during the day. I usually wear high heels in the evening. I will work out during my trip, so I need to bring workout gear."

Kathryn Branch, Features Associate
“I am heading to Juneau, Alaska, to visit my brother in early June. I always try to incorporate a vintage piece, whether it is jewelry, accessories or clothing. For shoes, I'm short so I love heels; I wear combat booties all the time, and love them. But I'll be hiking, running, biking and glacier climbing, possibly even fishing and swimming. I can totally connect to nature and be a little earthy, but I've lived in NYC for the past seven years. So, it will take some getting used to."

Natalie Do, Senior Designer
“I love a good road trip, and I have always wanted to go to Cape Cod for some shellfish, whale watching, lighthouses and the beach. This May I have finally made plans for a road trip up the coast, with a little side trip to Boston. I would say that my everyday style is easy and casual: jeans and anything black, gray and more black. Once in a while, if the mood strikes, I may brave a little pattern or color but for the most part, I stick to my tomboyish look. In the warmer months (and hopefully during my road trip), I will break from tradition and wear cute dresses and even cuter shoes."

Ethel Park, Senior Fashion Editor
“I will be traveling to Tulum, Mexico. I usually wear a Brazilian bikini the whole time. But I guess it goes without saying that I'll need a tote, sandals and sunblock. It's laissez-faire."

Bruce Pask, Fashion Director/Men
“I'll be shooting in Dublin next week, so I need to plan for multiple weather scenarios, especially during this seasonal transition. Warm, cold, rainy, dry — all are possibilities and I need to be prepared. Locations could be in the city or out in a bog, so I pack pretty versatile footwear: rugged enough to get along in the mud yet also acceptable in a nice restaurant."



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